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Discount Tire and Arizona State University have partnered together to help you reach your education goals regardless of where you are in your academic journey.

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Earned Admission provides a clear track into college, no matter your background or previous academic performance. Whether you are not yet admissible into ASU or are unsure college is right for you, Earned Admission gives you an opportunity to test the waters.

Through Earned Admission, you complete a series of 12-24 college credit hours online, known as your Earned Admission Track.

Jump-start your college career early

Begin your path toward earning a college degree while still in high school. Make progress toward graduation early by taking online courses taught by faculty at Arizona State University.

Get a fresh start in your academic career

Start on a fresh path to earning a college degree regardless of your past academic performance. No transcripts or minimum GPA are required to get started.

Earn your admission into ASU

Begin college without committing financially or risking your GPA. Complete your Track with the necessary GPA to earn general admission into ASU.

Pay after you pass

Pay tuition only after you earn the grade you need.

Receive college credit

Use the credit at ASU or another university.

Earn admission into ASU

Earn a 2.75 GPA or higher to gain general admission into ASU.

Featured Courses

AST 111: Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy

ASM 246: Human Origins

CSE 110: Programming for Everyone: Introduction to Programming

CEE 181: Technological, Social, and Sustainable Systems

ECN 211: Macroeconomic Principles

ENG 101: English Composition

ENG 102: English Composition: Research and Writing

EXW 100: Introduction to Health and Wellness

FSE 100: Introduction to Engineering: Imagine, Design, Engineer

HST 102: Western Civilization: Ancient and Medieval Europe

MAT 117: College Algebra and Problem Solving

MAT 170: Precalculus

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

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