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Introducing the Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan

The Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan (SDAP) is a partnership between Starbucks and Arizona State University (ASU) that creates an opportunity for all eligible Starbucks partners in the UK to earn their bachelor's degree 100% online with ASU.

How it works

If you’re a current Starbucks partner who has been with us for 3 months in the UK, follow these steps to take advantage of SDAP.



Partners will need to meet the eligibility criteria. View criteria.


Request information

Use the request information form at the top of this page to receive further information from ASU about the program.


Apply to ASU

Your personal ASU enrollment coach will support you in completing your application.


Confirmation of your place

You will receive an email from Starbucks if you have been chosen from the draw for one of the 100 places.


Sign up for classes

Sign up for your classes through ASU Online.


Tuition Fees Paid

The Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan provides eligible partners with 100% fully funded tuition.
*subject to acceptance to program terms and conditions.



Your brief orientation, designed exclusively for partners, to get you ready for learning online.


Start classes

Begin your classes for the term.

ASU bachelor’s programs

Browse the ASU bachelor’s programs being offered online in SDAP.

  • The online Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Leadership degree shares coursework with the BA in organizational leadership but focuses on applied leadership skills rather than theoretical aspects of leadership. It uses transdisciplinary methods that prepare students to become leaders in a variety of organizations while developing students’ skills and knowledge.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry provides students with a course of study in the chemical processes of living organisms. This online program is appropriate preparation for further study of biochemistry or related sciences in graduate school and for medical, dental or pharmacy school.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree enables students to delve into the basic organization and processes of life (microbes, plants and animals) at scales ranging from molecules to ecosystems and in time from picoseconds to millennia.

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  • The Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Business Administration provides a breadth of knowledge and skills needed for managing business operations. These skills include forecasting demand, planning inventory, purchasing services, conducting skillful negotiations, building strategies for the future and managing people, finances and risk.

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  • ASU's Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Communication will prepare you to understand and shape message-related behaviors for the purpose of improving communicative interactions in the workplace.

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  • The online Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Corporate Accounting is structured to prepare students for careers in management accounting. Career opportunities in this field are generally substantive and in high demand.

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  • ASU's online Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Food Industry Management will prepare you for business careers in the processing, marketing and distribution of food beyond the farm to retail stores, restaurants and institutions.

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  • Offered through ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business, the online BA in business with a concentration in Global Leadership will prepare you for related careers by developing strong global business skills and focusing on global studies courses from regions around the world.

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  • Offered through the W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU’s BA in business with a concentration in global logistics management provides the needed skills to develop strategic business processes for logistics management and an understanding of their relationship to the global distribution of goods and services.

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  • ASU's online Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Retail Management focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for leadership roles within the retail industry. Offered through The W. P. Carey School of Business, this degree provides the full business core plus a concentration with retail-specific coursework.

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  • ASU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Sustainability will provide you with the skills to help create an improved social and environmental quality of life for future generations.

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  • The Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Tourism is an innovative, interdisciplinary program intended to prepare students for positions in a variety of professions in which business and tourism play an important role in ensuring success.

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Business Data Analytics prepares business students with the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to create and manage big data initiatives as well as associated business processes to facilitate large-scale business data analytics in organizations.

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  • The Bachelor of Arts in Community Advocacy and Social Policy through the School of Social Work is designed to offer you the opportunity to explore issues of diversity, oppression, and privilege and to examine advocacy and intervention strategies to engage in social change.

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Communication program will teach you how communication processes create, maintain, and transform identities, workplaces, and communities.

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  • You will find your future with Computer Information Systems is limitless. The online W. P. Carey degree in computer information systems delivers the tools you need to meet rising demand for experts in systems analysis, business applications programming, web and mobile development, business database design, and decision support across public, private, nonprofit, and government entities worldwide.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Digital Audiences gives students the skills they need to use digital and social media to deepen impact in any industry, including strategy development, digital analytics, SEO and SEM campaigns, paid and organic social campaigns, audience research and more.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Economics pairs a solid business curriculum with rigorous theoretical and empirical tools to study the decisions of individuals, firms and governments.

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  • The ASU Online Bachelor of Science in Economics provides students with a set of rigorous theoretical and empirical tools to study the decisions of individuals, firms and governments. The economics curriculum can be paired with a customized set of electives to suit individual interest.

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  • ASU's online Educational Studies program qualifies graduates for a variety of career paths working to educate individuals in nonprofit or government organizations, private educational or recreational settings, or as entrepreneurs in a variety of learning environments.

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  • ASU recognizes that many students are not ready to choose a specific academic program of study when first entering the university. Allowing students to declare exploratory status permits them to begin meeting General Studies requirements as well as affords them some time to explore a variety of academic courses that may lead to a potential major interest.

    Request Information
  • Study global issues at one of the top universities in the nation. The Online Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Global Studies, is designed to link theory with global issues and action through policy.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology provides students with a creative, technological, and managerial understanding of graphic information and content creation. The program lives at the intersections of creativity, visual design and technology, preparing students to create visual content for multi-channel distribution – print, web, photo, video, animation.

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  • The Healthy Lifestyles Coaching focus combines exercise and wellness, nutrition, and health sciences to provide you with a solid background in preventative health care.

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology provides you with the expertise to design, select, implement and administer computer-based information solutions.

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  • The online Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in organizational studies is designed for students seeking an interdisciplinary degree and a desire to learn about the dynamics of contemporary organizations.

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  • ASU’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development focuses on the development of web sites, including user experience design, usability, multimedia design, emerging Web technologies, and cross-media and cross-platform graphic applications. While the degree is entirely online, you will work with an adviser throughout your degree program to plan and schedule classes.

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Management prepares students to become effective managers and team leaders by building theoretical and conceptual knowledge and critical skills.

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Marketing prepares students to steer organizations in the right direction, with fundamental marketing knowledge and skills in market analysis, decision-making and communication.

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  • The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, one of the nation's premier journalism schools, explores global mass communication issues from all dimensions: societal, cultural, historical, political, economic, technological and legal.

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  • Arizona State University's online Bachelor of Science in Nutrition prepares students for careers in food production, service management, marketing and journalism around health and wellness topics.

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  • The Bachelor of Applied Sciences with a concentration in operations management technology, offered online through ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, will provide you with the tools needed for success as a manager, including organization, motivation and hiring skills, as well as resource development.

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  • The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership will prepare you for leadership positions in a wide range of organizations and career fields. You will develop skills that can be used to help organizations function successfully, including problem solving, effective communication, program assessment, resource management and how to use emerging technologies.

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  • ASU's online BA in Political Science provides you with the skills and knowledge to lead within a democratic system of government and in the rapid globalization of political institutions. You will be trained to link theory with real world problems and ideas, and while learning from renowned faculty, you will benefit from a classic yet contemporary liberal arts education.

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  • Offered through ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the online Bachelor of Science in Political Science is the study of how citizens interact with their governments and how governments at all levels formulate policies to serve their citizens.

    Request Information
  • The online Bachelor of Science in Public Service and Public Policy prepares you for careers that transform government, nonprofit organizations, and policy at all levels.

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  • Arizona State University’s Bachelor of Science in Public Service and Public Policy online degree with a concentration in emergency management and homeland security prepares you to tackle complex issues of both mitigation of and response to natural or man-made disasters.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degree at Arizona State University emphasizes flexibility in the context of project-driven engineering education, blending engineering, computing, project leadership and software construction.

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  • The online Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability at ASU will provide you with the skills to rethink and reinvent a world at risk and help create an improved quality of life for future generations.

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  • The online Bachelor of Science in Sustainability at ASU will provide you with the skills to rethink and reinvent a world at risk and learn to create knowledge and solutions that will shape the quality of life for future generations.

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  • The Bachelor of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management, offered online at Arizona State University, delivers a foundation in technology-based innovation with an emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship and management fundamentals, as well as a special focus on project leadership and process innovation and development.

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  • Through Arizona State University's online Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication, you will learn how to produce, design and manage information, using both traditional and developing technologies. Technical communication is applied workplace communication that makes technical information understandable and available to many audiences.

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  • ASU’s online Bachelor of Arts in Women and Gender Studies empowers you to challenge the conventions of gender and make a difference through academic research, critical knowledge, and a deep understanding in feminist theory and practice.

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Reaching more partners than ever before from the US to the UK

Starbucks and ASU believe that you deserve the opportunity to pursue your education. No matter your dream, no matter your goal, we are invested in you. Watch a short video featuring EMEA President Martin Brok introducing the Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan.

2,400 U.S. graduates and counting 2,400 U.S. graduates and counting

Top 1%

Arizona State University is in the top 1% of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Award-winning academics

ASU is a top producer of academics and student Fulbright scholars.

Success coaching

All students have a coach committed to guiding them through their journey.

Flexible programs online

Working at Starbucks provides you the opportunity to earn your bachelor’s degree online.

How to apply

Through the program I’ve been able to go back to school and progress in my school and career goals all while still being there and helping support my family. The advisors and Starbucks team at ASU are so helpful and understanding. With the program I’ve been able to help better myself, but also help others around me.”

- Sabrina B, barista, SCAP scholar

Frequently asked questions

  • Both US and UK bachelor's degrees are highly respected globally and both countries have multiple top-ranked universities that attract award-winning faculty. Each degree is unique and beneficial in its own way.

    As expected, however, there are several differences between a US and UK bachelor's degrees. One example is that in the UK most bachelor's degrees take 3 years to complete, while in the US most bachelor's degrees require 4 years. Another difference can be found in how the degree programs are designed. UK bachelor's degrees tend to be focused on a specific area of study, while US degrees incorporate course requirements across a wide range of subject areas. Although US institutions offer a variety of options for specialized study, US degrees also emphasize a foundation in general education, which focuses on critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, humanities, social science, and natural science. General education courses also promote awareness of cultural diversity, global issues, and historical context.

    ASU is dedicated to academic excellence in order to help students develop as learners and scholars and to support students as they explore and identify career opportunities that suit their interests. Known as the New American University with a focus on expanding educational opportunity and solving global challenges through cutting-edge research, ASU is a comprehensive public research university that measures its performance in terms of knowledge generation, inclusivity and student success. To learn more about ASU, click here.

  • In the modern global world of business, a US degree will resonate and hold value to UK employers. A US Bachelor’s degree is comparable to that of the UK. Credits towards or a full bachelor’s degree achieved in the US will equate to UCAS points providing entry points into further higher education routes in the UK. For example, a US bachelor’s degree would normally provide entry to undertake a master’s degree from a top UK higher educational establishment.

  • At ASU, the diploma and transcript you earn online are identical to those you earn on campus—they say, “Arizona State University.” Courses are taught by the same award-winning faculty but are re-designed especially for effective and rigorous online learning, with the traditional semester broken into two 7.5-week sessions so that students’ progress is assessed continuously. Click here for more information about eligible bachelor’s degree programs offered online by ASU.

  • You can expect to invest 18-24 hours per class per week on coursework in a seven-week session. It is recommended you maintain at least a part-time course load (15 credit hours and approximately 5 courses) every year you take part in this program to stay on track towards graduation. Every partner’s education journey is unique, and your enrollment coach can advise you on the time commitment you should expect to make for your course load.

  • Yes, Starbucks and ASU are covering 100% of mandatory university tuition fees for the courses and classes required to complete your degree. Partners will be responsible for funding any other equipment, materials, or books required to support their degree. Partners will not need to pay tax on the Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan.

  • ASU will accept transfer credit for traditional course work you have successfully completed at regionally accredited institutions of further and higher education as documented on an official transcript. The transferability of your credit will be determined at the time of admissions once ASU has received your official transcripts. Please keep in mind that the applicability of previous study toward an ASU degree program depends on the requirements of the department, division, college or school in which you are enrolled at ASU. You will work with an academic advisor to determine the applicability of your transferable credit once you are admitted to ASU.

    Some A-levels and O-levels can transfer to ASU and replace other coursework, but it depends on when you completed the exam, what score you received, and what degree program you are applying to. For detailed information about how credit transfers to ASU, please visit

  • ASU needs the following information in order to make an admission decision: a complete ASU undergraduate application, transcripts from any previous educational institution (college and university), and in some instances, proof of your ability to speak English proficiently.

  • There are some sections of the SDAP application for ASU where you may have questions. Make sure you pay attention to the following information:

    • Visa: All Starbucks Partners applying for SDAP should select “International attending ASU Online programs only (JN)” regardless of your nationality or residency status in the UK. The social security number is only applicable if you are a US citizen.
    • Choose Major: This is where you will select the degree program that you want to study. There are 43 degree programs available under SDAP – you can find the full list here. If you are unsure, ask your Enrollment Coach for help.
    • Start Date: Partners in the pilot will start their studies in October 2019 therefore select “2019 Fall – (October)”when completing the application form.
    • Colleges and Universities: In this section, you will be asked to provide details of any colleges or universities that you have previously attended even if you did not complete your degree. You will be asked for the total number credits you have completed. It is fine if you are unsure or do not know –please ask your enrollment coach for support.

  • Some partners may need to demonstrate their English proficiency. You will be notified that you need to demonstrate English proficiency by a Priority Task on your My ASU page. ASU admissions accepts passing scores from three different assessments (click the links to find out more about fees, test centers, and dates):

    Though partners are free to select any of the three tests above, Starbucks will fund 1 Pearson Test of English (PTE) for each partner who is required to prove their English proficiency. Your enrollment coach can provide more information. Partners wishing to take a TOEFL or IELTS test will be responsible for those costs.

    It is the responsibility of the partner to register for and complete their chosen test as soon as possible. All tests have a paper-based element but tests are run frequently across different testing centers in the UK. Partners are responsible for arranging and paying for any travel to or from the test center. For more information about English Proficiency requirements and exemptions for undergraduate degree programs, go to

  • Unlike traditional employer education programs, with the Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan there is no commitment to remain employed with Starbucks after you complete your education. Once you have graduated you are encouraged to look for opportunities within Starbucks. We want to offer you the freedom and support to build your future, wherever you go.

  • You can transfer to ASU at any time, provided you meet their admissions criteria. Make an appointment to speak with an enrollment coach to get questions answered about the application, admission, and credit transfer process. To talk to an enrollment coach, call 0203.481.5024.

Download the full FAQs